Baker Street - Where a Fresh Baked Bread Meets a Nice Cup of Coffee

I was wondering what I should write for my very first post. And I talked to myself - not really talking to myself like a cuckoo, just thinking -, "hey, you fancy hanging out at a local coffee shop, don't you? You can start your blog with that!"

So yeah, coffee shop is my favorite place to spend time. Lots of time.

I usually go there to meet my friends, do some homeworks, or just to chill. It is just relaxing to sit, have a cuppa coffee - or tea when I don't feel like drinking coffee - and watch people around me. Yeah, they could be interesting sometimes. Admit it, you like watching people too, right? But I'm not gonna mention how you secretly laugh at them. Hahaha.

And it's not really easy to find a cozy coffee shop, especially in Bandung where there are only a few coffee shops other than Starbucks. Speaking of which, I love Starbucks' Frappe! Every single one of them! Until I found this new comfy coffee shop in my town, Baker Street. Yep, like in Sherlock Holmes. How could I not love this place just by hearing its name?!

I actually don't believe in love at first sight but Baker Street has proved me wrong. I loved the revolving door right when I first saw it! I literally could go in and out over and over again just for the fun of it. Like in movies!

And then again, I loved the entrance right when I first saw it. Everything is just simple and right on their places.

I can’t recall what kind of coffee I ordered when I first visited it but it sure was delicious! The second time I went there, I ordered Banana Strawberry and a loaf of Black Charcoal bread with butter. 

Yup, that’s Banana Strawberry!

From where I sat. Isn’t it lovely? I like the bar stools most of all.

I am sooo gonna visit it again next time! And totally put it on my list of fav coffee shops. :D

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