Book vs. Movie

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That pic pretty sums up what I feel about books and movies. You may wonder “why read a book that could take days to finish when you can watch the movie which is only a few hours?”

 I don’t know about you but somehow, the book always leaves me significant feeling. It’s quiet hard to explain why books are always better than the movies until someone told me :
“They (books) use words to describe and use your imagination to think of something ideal to you. So it’s not the same for everyone.” 
He got the point indeed.

For example, in the book, each character is described very well. From their personality until their looks. But what I find really special is how the writer lets us know what goes through each character’s mind. It may sound weird but I feel like I’m the God who knows everything about them yet I feel like I am one of them. Yeah, I know. It’s complicated. LOL.

However, sometimes it bothers me how the story’s told when it’s adopted to the movie because most of the time it is waaay more different than the real story. It loses its significant. Well, not all of them make it lame though. Some of them change it to be better. But isn’t it just frustating how it contradicts your wild imagination?

Don’t get me wrong. I loooove movies. I really do. Well, you can’t always get everything from the book, right? When you watch a movie, you get to see the visual representation of that which was read and the world that is described, also listen to the pitch of each sound. Either way, book and movie never fail to get you out of that boredom.

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